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Rolfing in just a few words

Rolfing is a holistic treatment modality based upon the insights gained from anatomy, biomechanics and physics. With Rolfing, we bring imbalanced structures back into alignment thanks to a very special form of manual technique. Classically, Rolfing builds on the 10 series where each session has a clearly defined goal and addresses a specific area of the body. Slow and precise strokes allow freeing up the adhesions in the myofascial tissues. Thanks to Rolfing, you can recover or improve an effortless and upright posture. You are experiencing more freedom of movement as well as a deeper and more efficient breath.


«One may experience the fruitless fight against gravity as a sharp pain in the back, another as the uneven curves of the body, or as chronic fatigue and stress, or even as an ever menacing environment. Those past forty, may call it age. Yet, all these signals can also point to a single problem. The body is out of balance. It is in a state of war with gravity.»

(Ida P. Rolf)