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The central nervous system

The origin of Being

By touching the energy system, we return to the source of being.

At the source, the body-soul-spirit continuum regulates from inside out and outside in. Here, the art of touch focuses on reconnecting the head, heart and hara as well as the spirit, the soul and the body. The deep contact with the breath of life allows us to reconnect with our essence and to return back home, into our heart. In this reality, our hands unite and integrate rhythm, flow and continuity, as well as stillness, focus and creativity. The receiver and the giver merge with the eternal tides of change, they realign, reorganize and unfold like the blossoms of the cherry trees in spring.

Another corner stone tool of the Shen Master Practitioner is integration. If three, four or more systems are perceived and touched, it is possible to activate and synergize the self-healing powers of the body. Joy and happiness, movement and stillness, inspiration and lightness all become accessible, once the body-soul-spirit continuum is in harmony with itself and the universe.

Shen Master seesions are mostly practiced on a table or a futon. The receiver is in underwear or wears light cotton clothes.